Tuesday, August 1

Trivia Treat

The trivia group has been functioning for about a year now and they have accumulated a sizable amount of winnings. 3rd place gets $10, 2nd place gets $20 and 1st place gets $40 in HyVee gift cards. We are often in 3rd place. Modern song lyrics usually trip us up and most other teams have some younger folk who are into that but 3rd place does okay for us over time. Over $500 had been accumulated and it was decided to use it for a HyVee catered gourmet dinner.
Last night was the night and it was all very fine and very rich. Beef loin, lobster, baked potato, and salad was the main course. Wine, cheesecake, ice cream were all a part of it too and I almost left out the appetizers before the meal, shrimp, and brie with crackers.
It was all very nice and delicious but this low-rent body of mine said, "What the hell are you doing?" and I had every intention and indeed tried to take it easy

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