Tuesday, May 16

Monday Morning

It was a quiet weekend. Took calls from the boys and got caught up on their families doings. It was a nice quiet Mother's Day.

I think Butch has given up on fighting the squirrels. He thinks now his lot in life must be to feed them. They are fun to watch.

This morning Butch is on his way to pick up the motorhome. The paint job is finished. Butch will not be getting his stitches out til Wednesday but it is eleven days since surgery so he should be safe to drive. Dr. Barb said it was okay. I do worry about his making the trip without my expert guidance but every now and then he needs to fly on his own.😉

I have an appointment to help a friend pick out her first smartphone. I know almost enough to be of help. I do understand her trepidation and as I look back I could have benefitted from some help when I ventured into the unknown territories of smartphones.

Last Friday I helped a friend with her IPad. Yes, you read that right. An Apple product. It was new and she tried to get it set up and ran into a problem not knowing her passcode. It quickly became obvious we would need some help from Apple so I contacted them and we spent the next 2 hours working with Apple Tech support.
I wrote this a few days ago. While writing it I looked at the clock and was late for an appointment so I dashed off and then forgot what I was doing. So here it is a few days late.
Butch did get the moho home and it looks great, all shiny and new looking. Today we went to lunch at the casino. On Tuesdays, they have a fried chicken buffet with mashed potatoes, gravy, and green beans. For seniors it was $5.95 and the seniors have been taking advantage of it and there was a nice crowd there. Now they need to have a liver and onion day.

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