Sunday, May 7

Classmates revisited

We gathered at the HyVee patio for a visit with an old classmate (Clair Tomlinson) and his sister Marlene who are back in the region for their brother Bob's funeral.
It was a great time reminiscing about the good old days. It is like a domino effect when someone mentions an incident or a person from long ago and the ball starts rolling with everyone adding their bits to the story.
Here are some pictures of the event. Missing from the pictures are Butch and I and Jack Harmer.

Sharon McQuillen and Barb Veenstra foreground. Larry Jackson and Dick McQuillen behind them.

Clair gives Sue a hug

L to R, Dick, Sharon, Barb V., Larry, Pete, and Sue.

Barb V., Larry and Pete Barrett

Pete, Clair, Sue Durlam Lucht, and Anne Bradley Butler.

Sue, Anne, Marlene and Jerilynn

Marlene and Jerilynn

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