Saturday, March 4

Warm but Rainy day

It was a warm but rainy day today. It was not unpleasant to walk as long as you didn't mind getting sprinkled on with a deluge now and then. We did get out long enough to go to Walmart for a prescription. Yes, we do not get ALL of our meds in Mexico. It is a nasal spray I get that isn't available to me in Mexico. It is not expensive in the U S so no big deal.

To back up a bit, this was the weekend of our monthly garage sale. I wasn't too interested but then Kay told me that there was a NuWave oven up there that I had missed. So I popped in quickly this morning and bought it. The owner told me she had only used it once and that was not a surprise to me. There is a learning curve to them and not everyone has the initiative or interest in getting through it. So now I have two. There are times when having two is a good thing. Or perhaps someone close to me might have an interest in it. Time will tell.

It has been raining hard since about 4:00 p m and the swimming pool is filling up. I assume there is an overflow of some kind because it up to the rim but hasn't filled completely. We haven't had this much rain all winter. It has been very warm and dry and quite unusual compared to the last 3 or 4 years. Warm and dry is supposed to return on Monday. We have plans to go to South Padre Island on Monday with Marlene and Bernard. I am really looking forward to it.

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