Friday, January 13

My oh my!!

I have been so busy just living life, doing laundry, fixing meals etc. etc. and in the process, I have been neglecting my 14-year-old blog. Even I have trouble believing that I have been so neglectful of my baby blog!
I have been enjoying my friends and two walks a day and whatever little pleasures I bump into through the process.
This morning was computer class and we side-tracked to a Netflix movie of "Babies". I enjoyed it as much the second time as the first.
When Butch gets home from the pool hall we have been tuning in to a series that we keep track of on Netflix. Tonights feature was a new "Hell on Wheels" episode. We have 4 more to go till we are caught up on that one. Fortunately there are many more good selections.
 Public television is a life blood for us in Iowa but in South Texas it is a dismal imitation. In fact in the past week they have not been broadcasting at all for 4 days so far out of the last 7.

Here are a couple of blasts from the past that I randomly picked.
Taken in Hillman Michigan 2010 

Taken in Glidden Iowa in 2012? I think.

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