Wednesday, June 8

Todays photos

How many times have I ridden right past this addition to the trail and not seen it? At least 7! Today as I was approaching the intersection where it is located, a truck pulling a trailer whizzed past creating a big dust cloud. So I breathed through my sweater until it abated and it gave me a chance to really look at my surroundings.

 A classmate of Butch's, Darwin Kuehl, is responsible for this fine addition to the trail.
 When I returned home, Butch and I went after more rock so I can finish my planned improvements. Last season Mickey gifted me the Tiger lilies to add some color to my front flower bed. They sure are making a good impression these days!

And this past winter, my friend Janet Rader gifted me with one of her artistic rock art endeavors. We discussed its resting place and both of us knew right where it should go. So finally it is residing in its home place.

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