Friday, December 9

Still hunkered

This morning at 6:00 am it was 43 degrees. It is a wet cold so quite penetrating. Besides, we have been here long enough to get acclimated to warm temps. Not sure I will ever get acclimated to humid
Today was computer class. Only two students ventured out but they were very motivated so it was a fun morning. I often say I learn as much as the students and that remains true. What happens is they will ask a question that requires a bit of research on my part and then I am off on a learning excursion and that is what I enjoy.
Tonight Butch will head to the pool hall as usual and I will find something to do. Last night we watched a feature on Netflix.

Babies is a documentary about babies. It is not about how babies are made. It's not about how babies learn or develop. It's just film of babies doing what babies do. There is no narration or point or anything. It's just about some babies from around the world. Babies are adorable and by extension this documentary is adorable. If you like watching babies being babies give this one a look. Oh, and if you have a girlfriend with baby fever do everything in your power to keep her from watching this movie.

It was very interesting and surprising in places.

Netflix is our savior and never more so than when we are in south Texas. We are on old-fashioned antenna. Yes, the pokey thing on the roof. We get the main 3 stations, several Mexican stations, and public television. In Iowa our main station, that we watch the most is public television or IPT and it is a full-bodied experience offering 3 different viewing options. The main one that has national offerings, then Create and it is like the name suggests offering creative things, and then World, offering stories and features from all over the World. In south Texas it is much different. There are two. One is called Cozi and is made up of old TV show reruns and movies. And the other is somewhat of the main one in Iowa except they also cover local city and county council meetings.  No create. No World. Smileycons!
So we turn to Netflix. Yes, I must rely on a good, fast Internet service but I rather insist on that anyway. So it works for us.

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