Thursday, December 15

Parade 2016

Peggy and I led the Christmas parade. It has become a tradition for us to lead the parade. She dresses as Santa and rings a cowbell while I wear moose antlers while pretending I am a reindeer. I kept my head gear on while we enjoyed our Subway sandwiches in Allen Hall. Over time I noticed my jaw was hurting-both sides. I kept massaging my jaw as it continued to hurt. Peggy said hers did as well and we thought perhaps it was from smiling while we walked the 1.2 mile parade route. My jaws continued to hurt and it was concerning me as jaw pain is one symptom of a heart attack. So after the event, I removed my head gear and had INSTANT RELIEF!! I cannot believe I sat there the entire time and did not take off my head gear sooner. One of the dumber things I did today!!😖

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