Wednesday, December 21

Moseyed to Mexico

Marlene and Bernard came over and we ganged up with Bill and Kay Stilson along with Peggy and made our way south. Bill and Kay always drive in because they go to the south part of Progreso to our favorite pharmacist, Hector. So the Kelley's and the Stilson's drove in while Butch, Peggy and I parked on the US side as we usually do and walked down to Hectors. I swear it is over a mile, maybe closer to two! It was well worth the trip. Prices were less than the last time I went down. Marlene said a bottle of eyedrops she buys in the US for $180 were $29. And the prescription I buy that are $150 with insurance are $63 this trip. They were $71 last time. Peso and inflation...
So we all went back to Elsa's for Panchos and Margarita's. We always look forward to that stop. Just as we were getting ready to leave Kay realizes she has forgotten their passports! So after a bunch of angst it all turned out okay. Their drivers licenses sufficed this time. They did a bit more checking but it all turned out well.
You all should come with us. We have a really good time.

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