Saturday, November 19

Went to Mexico

We went to Mexico yesterday. Prices are up and we were told it was due to inflation. They expect it will get worse.
Also, the begging was much, much worse as is the hawking. (Definition of HAWKING: This term means to sell goods on the street and to attract the attention of people by calling out.)
It was hot and we walked all over that town looking at prices mainly. Susan and Amanda will be happy to learn that we purchased vanilla for them. 
We ate lunch at Elsa's. We had Pancho's with white cheese. Not as good as I remembered them to be. Butch did not share my opinion so perhaps it was just me and the head cold I am suffering that made it seems so.
I was very tired when we came home and took a nap. Went to bed early too. We had a rip-snorter of a storm last night with wind, heavy rain, thunder, and lightening.  I was slightly aware of it.
I conducted a computer class yesterday. It was a trial and a battle of minds with one person who shall remain anonymous. She lost in more ways than she will ever know. Am I worried about her somehow seeing this post. Not even a little bit.
Till next time...

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