Monday, October 10

Trip planning

I spend a bunch of time planning our trip since we are taking a route we have not done for several years. I like to have it all scoped out down to the gnats behind. Much easier with the GPS (Google Maps). So now that the route has been established, I break it down into 300 mile increments and find places to stay overnight. That is the toughest part really. When we were younger we would fly blind as they say and find some little nook or cranny along the way. To keep the stress down it is much better to know the destination. So this morning I started working on it and have spent the bulk of it on this chair in front of the computer.
Route established-Jefferson to Peculiar MO-Peculiar MO to Carthage. Here is the trouble spot Carthage MO to Palatios TX (approximate 750 miles)
But I am tired of working on it today so will set it aside.

To back up a bit we attended a gathering at Sue Luchts house to wish a good trip to Florida for Pete and Jerrilyn. We had a very good time. A really good time! We all enjoyed seeing Pat Limburg Rusnak who has been nursing a knee all summer and has not been spotted much. Very good to see her again and she is once again steady on her feet.

Saturday Jason and Laura had a new sidewalk poured from their house to garage.
Here are some photos of the project.

Today Butch is working on the motorhome getting it ready to roll. He started to do that Saturday but discovered we had batteries that need to be replaced so this morning he is back at it with new batteries. I can see he is not far from getting it fired up and running. It is always good to make sure all the kinks are worked out a week or two before take off. Those last minute snafu's can be disconcerting.
I will be getting my last Iowa haircut for the season today. So slowly the process is taking shape.

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