Friday, October 28

Busy Busy

This week has been busy from the git-go. Yesterday was moving day. We must be getting better at this two times a year moving in and out business. Two nights sleeping in the motorhome is minimal. It gives us more than enough time to notice missing items. The day of most activity is still hectic. Now it is mostly done. This afternoon the city guys will come and remove the water meter. Butch has all the pipes blown out and RV antifreeze in all the drains. The cactus will once again spend its winter in the living room and I left water for Jason or other helpers to water it a couple of times. The big thermometer is in the kitchen window so the internal temperature of the house can be monitored. Some of you may wonder why we do not do the high-tech monitoring of our house through wifi. Two reasons-1. $65 a month for internet service throughout the winter would be needed to make that possible. 2. The last major hack of Netflix and other businesses was done through phones with home monitoring. We will be seeing more of that kind of thing in the future as more and more people jump on the home monitoring bandwagon.

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