Wednesday, September 28

Prep time

We start getting ready to head south a good month ahead of time. It works this way on both ends of things. All the details that need tending take time and dedication. Some are just fun. Like last Sunday when we had 14 people for breakfast (Biscuits and Gravy). That was fun. I always say after an event that we should do it more often but usually, it doesn't work that way but I always think it should.
We accommodated those 14 people well in our little house. Everyone had a place at the table with enough elbow room for comfort. We would like to do this with family too before we head off for the winter.

There has been a chill in the air the past few days. I do not like a chill in the air. I know I would adjust if I were forced to but as it is, I go into avoidance mode. I missed a few days walking because of rain. Yesterday was sunny but started off cool so I waited. I did finally get it done however the layoff does not feel good at all the next time I venture out. Those kinks get harder and harder to shake out. So here I sit this morning knowing I should be out there putting one foot in front of another but I instead am sitting here having a one-sided visit with you.

Every now and then I get the idea no one  reads this blog anymore...I wonder ...and then I run into someone who knows me quite well and it is mostly from reading my blogs. So I will carry on. In November I will be starting into my 15th year of blogging.

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