Saturday, September 17

Fun week!

Butch and I accomplished quite a bit this week and had fun doing it!
After finishing the backsplash in the motorhome, I did the backsplash in the house bathroom with the same pattern. Now I have ordered a different pattern for the kitchen in the same material. It is something we had always planned to do so we will soon be able to scratch it off our bucket list.

I finally did some housecleaning this week. It was clean late Thursday and Friday. Not so much today.  It never lasts long no matter what so it is a short lived pleasure.
Butch's healing process(carpal tunnel) is coming along nicely and without incident.
Thursday night trivia group (partial) Came in 3rd this week!

Surprise visitors on Friday! We spent a fun-filled day with Myron and Susan Van Houweling. Lunched at the Jefferson tea garden. A rare treat for me. We have never had a disappointing meal there and we never leave hungry. Then we reminisced about Magnolia Park and wondered what the season will hold for us this season.
Today Mickey called and asked me to meet her at the museum at 1:50. So when I got there we found out we were on the wrong day. So 4 of us decided to visit the culprit who gave us the wrong info. Sue welcomed us in her usual friendly manner and we had a fun and lively conversation. When we left there we checked in with Butch then went to Deal's Orchard to pick up some special treats.
Shooting pumpkins. When asked what he was shooting at he said "Cows". And grinned!

Jerilyn, Mickey and Pete

Active bees making honey

Apples and apple products

Returned to our place and enjoyed a cocktail or two then went for supper at Casa de Oro, our fine and authentic Mexican restaurant.
Now sitting in the recliner with our feet up!

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