Wednesday, August 24

Yesterday and the day before-

Monday was a riding day. The big event of the trip was a coyote encounter. That was indeed a first. I think he/she may have been chased as it crossed the trail in front of me about 30 feet. When it saw me it picked up speed and dove down the hill lickety-split. And then today- another ride day, I saw a young antlered buck in nearly the same spot. I am thinking it might be a wildlife corridor.
After I spotted the buck I let my mind wander to how little protection deer have; their eyesight is very bad, their hearing is adequate at best and when they are spotted they stand in one spot trying to figure out what you are and how much of a threat you might be, making it easy pickings for hunters. Their coloring is a plus as they blend in very well with the colors of surrounding foliage.

I am always trying to capture the sunlight peeking through the trees. I am rarely happy with the shot

This picture was taken this morning.

Back in town...
This is the elevator at the trail head. I liked the angles and shapes in this picture.

This picture was taken looking south at the trail head. Depot is on the right. Lincolnway is the east/ west street  in foreground. The Freedom rock for Greene County  has been placed and will be painted October 19 -26th. 

The very first Freedom Rock in Iowa is just off  Interstate 80 at the Greenfield exit. There is a plan to have a freedom rock in all 99 counties of Iowa.

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