Wednesday, June 29

And then we did...

The weeks fly by and melt one into another.

Have I  mentioned a lack of deer on the bike trail? Well, they must have been in hiding is all or visiting a different neighborhood because they are back!
Deer are nearly blind so they either hear you or detect movement so when I spot one I stop. and then I inch closer to get as close as possible for a photo.
Got some great shots a couple of days ago.

My turn around spot. Corn is growing despite a lack of rain. My bike is about 30 years old and I still love it. Have pedalled many a mile on my Raleigh. 42.7 miles just this past week. 6.1 miles each day.

Bucolic scene. The next day after taking this photo one of the cows was along the trail. I rode right by and it wasn't disturbed at all. Kept on chewing its cud.

I think thistles are very pretty. 

 A half-grown rabbit made its way to the bird seed. Butch didn't think she would eat the seeds but she crunched away happily.

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