Sunday, April 17

A week today

We have been here a week today. Who would have guessed it would take me two weeks to settle in. I developed a bad cold on Tuesday and spent a few miserable days in a row for the third time this year. I get real ticked off and depressed when I get a cold. So this is why you haven't heard from me. I am better now and Butch is on the tail end of having it too so we should soon be able to return to normal, everyday living. It is sounding not only possible but welcoming to me. I did manage to get several loads of laundry done and the bugs cleaned up. I do not know if they died a natural death or from the bomb but there were a fair amount of them.
We visited Leo and Keri and their grandson Jorgen and daughter Emily were there too. Leo and Jorgen have a strong bond. Jorgen thinks his Grandpa is the greatest thing since dinner.

Oh yes! And Lucy!

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