Tuesday, March 10

A Reversal

Been in transition....deciding what to do...we now have somewhat of a plan in place. Fortunately Butch and I are in alignment with our thoughts on making decisions. Oddly enough, we were also that way in our youth. However, there is a difference. We used to make decisions with abandon but now we have reached a time in our life when we mull things over, sleep on it and discuss it sometimes over several days. Also, we are not opposed to changing our minds. We are comfortable living in a state of flux. And if things change we do not beat ourselves up over it.
As it is right now, we will leave Magnolia next Wednesday, March 18th with Gillett Texas as a destination. We met Tom and Wanda Burnell in Michigan while workamping at Thunder Bay Golf and RV Resort in the summer of 2010. We enjoyed our outings together and became friends. We have not seen them since but we have stayed in touch now and then. They are workamping in the oil fields near Gillett and we plan to visit with them for a day or two before heading east with Florida as a destination. Tom and Wanda are gatekeepers out in the boonies. Seeing what they are doing will be interesting.
Jefferson friends Pete and Jerilynn wintered in Sebring Florida so we decided to check it out. We also have friends and family along the I-10 corridor that we
would like to check in with if it works out. We will be making calls to these folks as we make our way east and see if it will work to see them.
So there it is and with only a week before departure it most likely will not change  this time, at least not drastically.

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