Wednesday, February 4

The Cold Story

Butch has a cold. Upper respiratory issues are ongoing for him pretty much all the time we are in South Texas. He can get by with lightweight allergy meds when we are in Iowa but we do not need to be in Texas too long before he has to switch to the hardcore allergy stuff with the capital D. You know, like Allegra-D. It is supposed to be D for decongestant, but I think it is D for demanding exorbitant amounts of dinero's for 10 24-hour capsules. Despite taking the big D's Butch came home with a cold. I always take extra precautions when this happens and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. This time I thought I was in for it. I awoke with one nostril plugged a couple of days ago so I  used my trusty Netipot and made it through the day okay. Next day I was more plugged upon awakening, felt slightly not okay so used Neti again and improved. I could tell it was coming on since I had that dusty feeling you get in your nose and the tickle in the throat. This was Tuesday and I was supposed to take a picture of the Magnolia Olympians so I felt I had to go. Butch went and stayed long enough to get his picture taken. While waiting for the people to line up I told Noreen that I was getting a cold and did not plan to stick around long. Noreen mentioned that she had caught hers early and held it off with Zicam. Now I have long been a fan of Zicam but had forgotten about it. So I came home and dug into our cold med supplies and sure enough I had some so started it right then and there. The trick to it working is to take it AS DIRECTED at the first sign of a cold. By the second dose I could detect an improvement. Today is much improved and I think I will be fine with minimum discomfort. It isn't all fun and games as the Zicam leaves an unpleasant metallic taste in my mouth, but it is still better than suffering a cold.

The trick is to have them on hand at the first sign of a cold, follow the directions on the package and do not quit them too early. Oh and then remember to use them! I plan to thank Noreen for reminding me about Zicam .
Netipot and Zicam the one-two punch for colds.

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