Saturday, January 24

Trash Recovery and more...

We have a son who recovers items that have been discarded and refurbishes them. His latest rescue item is a ice fishing tent. A coworker had become disgusted in trying to get it setup in  too much wind and alcohol and tossed the whole business in the trash. Jason comes to the rescue for the tent- not the coworker.

Gary, another son is trying to gather up some skiers for an excursion to Colorado. Butch would love to go but his back has one too many tumbles down the mountains. Gary is going the first week in March so if this has peaked your interest let me know and I will get details.

I am still doing my best to get two walks in a day and though the weather is often borderline it has been good enough to bundle up and hit the pavement. The sun is brightly shining today almost to the point of hurting my eyes. And they are promising a more favorable forecast for the next week at least. We are going to savor it.

Butch is up to his neck in pool and golf with the emphasis on pool. We'll see him later...

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