Tuesday, December 16

Procedure Day

Yesterday we traveled to Harlingen to a dentist for a cleaning procedure on my dental implants and application of antibiotic sleeves. It went well. Yes, it was painful and the throbbing hasn't quit yet but I can tell we are on the right track for a return to oral health. I will soon be able to eat raw carrots and celery and that is a good Christmas present for me.
After the procedure, we stopped by Marlene and Bernard's place. Their son Dwight was also there. Marlene and Bernard haven't been there long and it was good to see them again. We usually see them several times throughout the season. It is handy that they are only about 20-25 minutes drive from us. Next time we go I will be taking her some lemon juice with visions of lemon meringue pie dancing in my head. wink,wink.

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