Sunday, December 28

A day on South Padre

New friends Cathy and Bob Jones are staying at Edinburg TX for a couple of months. We both have Snow Mountain Ranch connections in our pasts and became better acquainted at Canyon Lake in October. We had decided to do a day at South Padre sometime this season but the weather last year did not hold one of those days so we were on the lookout for one and yesterday promised to fill the bill. It really did too with the only missing element being sunshine. It was warm with a breeze less than 15mph out of the south. Good pictures require good light but we did the best we could and here they are...
My favorite meal at Dirty Al's. And below we stopped to see if Paul and Karen Pope from Jefferson were in the the KOA park and indeed they were having arrived the day before.

 Then we went for a beach walk. I wore my muddy Iowa construction Crocs so I could leave a bit of black Iowa dirt in the Gulf of Mexico.
These are the current crop of jellyfish washing up on the beach.

There were some good players in this group. 

Barb and Butch

Cathy and Bob


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