Wednesday, August 27

This mornings ride...

Okay. I am going to post a bunch of photos from this mornings bike ride. Yes, most of them are of deer. But she was such a good and patient mama she deserves your attention. She held mine.
For years I have tried to catch the way the light filters through the trees early in the morning on the trail. It was very beautiful this morning and here is my latest attempt...

Looking east towards the river.

A north view of the river

The channel has changed a great deal this Spring and Summer.

And then on the way back I stopped dead in my tracks when I spotted mama and her two babies. The babes skedaddled, probably at moms request but she stuck around out of curiosity and perhaps to insure her babes safety.

She pranced around in circles on the trail trying to figure out what I was and if I posed a danger.

She maintained this awkward pose for some time.

This last shot is one of the babes crossing the trail to join mama.

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