Monday, August 23

Full Day

Butch put in 10 hours yesterday. That does not happen often. He did 4 hours of mowing greens and 6 hours of rangering. I did some blogging then worked on bracelets.
Oh and we worked in a walk and breakfast at a local restaurant too. While we were on our walk I noticed a smell that was not easily identified. Finally it dawned on us that it was from the power plant. The Alpena power plant is located in Hillman and they grind up wood chips. The ground up wood chips is what we were smelling. Not an altogether unpleasant smell but quite powerful. I imagine the humidity had something to do with the intensity of it. I did notice it was better than the rotting corn smell we got from the elevator in Cumberland IA when they cleaned out the bins in the fall. That was always pretty disgusting and it seemed to last for weeks.
Our plans for today include the demise of some spider houses. I was going to put a really neat photo of a spider web in here but copyright issues cropped into my head so you will have to rely on your imagination of a dew covered spider web of beautiful proportions.

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