Wednesday, July 21

Horses and such

Butch and went to visit the big horses that pull the carriages for the elk viewing. They live in the country but commute to Hillman to work when needed. It was a fun trip. Alan coaxed them out with some oats because when it is hot they like to stay in the barn in the shade. I will post a Smilebox of all the photos I took when I finish with this post.
After visiting the big boys we went further down the road to check out a restaurant that Joy who works in the pro shop had told us about. The Depot. And since it was mid-morning we opted for a cinnamon roll as a bit of a test to see what we thought of the place. The cinnamon roll was huge and inexpensive and also loaded with frosting. Very good as well.  I scraped mine off and gave the excess to Butch. The coffee cup was large and never-ending so we give the place a thumbs up. The Depot is located 8 miles east on M-32 and 8 miles south of Hillman on HWY 65-right side of the road.

After we returned to Thunder Bay Resort we caught up on some chores around the resort. Butch put in some hours on electrical work while I cleaned decks around the villas. After I worked up a sweat with that I came home and worked on the computer making a flyer and posting to some blogs.
Gotta keep up with these blogs or I might get flogged! 

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