Sunday, July 21

Surprised on our 60th Anniversary!

I woke up in the middle of the night and said to myself. "Did that really happen?".

Jason called us yesterday afternoon and asked if we wanted to go to the casino for supper because a coworker had told him about a fantastic Keto casserole they had there. I was skeptical about the casserole thing because, for the most part, I do not know of anyone who brags about the casino food. But I said yes we would go and try it. There were some pretty wicked storms that came through in the afternoon so I texted Jason and Laura to warn them but didn't get a reply. So finally they came to pick us up. When we walked into the casino hallway I spotted Mickey and wondered what she was doing and assumed she was standing in line for a show. And then I started recognizing more and more faces! They totally surprised us!!!! They were all there to celebrate our 60th Wedding Anniversary and we did not see it coming not even a little bit. It was perfect! And I recommend this to everyone. We had none of the planning, none of the mental anguish over it all coming together, none of the little glitches that always seem to pop up along the way. We came, we were surprised beyond measure and we visited with lots of friends and family for a very enjoyable evening. It was perfect!

I do not at this time have any photos so I cannot post any but there were many promises that they would be forthcoming. So you will see them when I do.

Now for the other side of the story. I wasn't involved in all this so my second-hand version may lack authenticity but you will get the gist.
First off when I sent the blog entry out about our Mississippi cruise down the river I had no idea I was interfering in some ready-made plans. That was way back in February. So the first change was the designated weekend.
And then the Missouri kids were here in town early and doing their best to not be seen by us. We did wonder why Leo was calling so often when in fact he was trying to keep track of us.
And then it was a stormy day, a very stormy day and lightning struck a transformer behind the casino and knocked out power as well as starting a fire. Now, this was after the party room had been all set up but they were told to evacuate and in came the firemen. There was smoke. Much excitement and hullabaloo and then it was over. Still no electricity though. This all happened less than 30 minutes from our supposed arrival time.
So they moved the party to the hallway and they carried on. I say 'they' because Butch and I had nothing to do with it. It was the very most troublefree party I have ever attended and if there is ever another one I hope it happens in the very same way.
We thank everyone who came and all the many people who made it turn into a perfect day and a perfect party. We are truly grateful for all of our many friends and family.

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