Monday, October 25

Headed to the RGV

 Yesterday was a smooth sail down to the valley and our designated spot for the winter. We are in Trophy Gardens RV Park, the same as last year. 

Going through San Antonio early on a Sunday morning makes for the easiest path through a city that you will ever experience. This is the 3rd year of orchestrating our trip in such a manner and will most likely repeat it unless we change our route completely. Not likely.

We arrived about 2:00 in the afternoon, and smoothly parked at our site. We went to the El Dorado restaurant in Alamo TX for supper. The first thing that greeted us outside the door was a large sign "NO MASK" "NO SERVICE". We had our masks on and so did everyone else. Once seated and served the masks can be removed to eat of course. All employees were masked as well. The food was WONDERFUL! Butch had hamburger steak and I had chicken taco salad and it was superb for both of us. A very pleasant experience for our return.

I am working my hotspot on my phone for Internet until Wednesday so I probably will not be on it much until then.

So, faithful readers, know that we are in our southern home and we are safe and happy. So Later!

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