Friday, November 9

Rockin' and Rollin'

Butch and I went over to Magnolia Wednesday afternoon and for the most part, people are optimistic. I certainly hope their optimism pays off. I truly do.
I think I did too much on Wednesday because Thursday I felt like crap again. It did get better as the day progressed but still do not feel like my old self. That is why I have not been timely with adding anything to the blog.

The weather forecast last night was rather gloomy. We have a series of cold fronts coming through in the next week or so, like a train about every 3-4 days. So we are going from humid and 90's to fighting to get out of the 50's in the daytime and staying around that for nighttime temps as well.🙁

The temps have dropped over 10 degrees in the past hour since sitting here. From 76 degrees to 66 degrees. So here is how I see it. We have been holed up for over a week with not feeling well and temps in the 90's and freakishly high humidity to temps in the 50's, rain and the furnace running. I pray for some moderation in all things!!

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