Thursday, October 11

Last prep day

Tomorrow we will be headed south. Butch is doing the final touches of getting the house ready. I am doing a couple of loads of laundry in the motorhome to make sure a seal hasn't dried up or some other pending problem hasn't reared its ugly head. So far so good.
One of the very oddest of coincidences is that we left last year over 5 weeks later than this year and the weather is exactly the same! In the thirties! Nothing like little reminders to tell you it is time to skedaddle for warmer temperatures.
Tonight is our last trivia time at Hyvee for 2018 and our number one guy with an encyclopedia for a brain will not be there. We are going and we will do the best we can. It should be interesting even if it is painful.
Tuesday we voted for the mid-terms, gave our internet a shut-off date, paid our second half car insurance and went to Ames for our last dermatology appointment. Mickey invited us for supper at her house and it was delicious. Her new kitchen is beautiful.
The rest of my today will be readying the inside of the motorhome for travel. That may sound easy but when you have to think about and how everything might move if jostled it becomes more of a puzzle. It is a puzzle with which I am very familiar.
Back to work!

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