Sunday, June 5

Here we are...

There are times when I think anyone still keeping up with the blog must be bored to tears. My doctor visit was okay as far as I was concerned. He essentially told me I was wasting his time being there so I interpret that to mean I am A-OK and I will never darken his door again.
Butch and I and Karla went to an auction Saturday. It was a huge auction and took a long time. Karla gained more auction experience and Butch bid for her on a couple of items she had her eye on.
I have been riding my bike to the bridge every morning. 5.64 miles. I think it is essential to keeping my heart working properly.Smileycons!So I will continue.
Here is a picture of the great grands in their corn patch. It looks like sweet corn will  be on their dinner plates soon. Elise and Leo
 Those of you who saw my Christmas cactus when we were still in Texas would not believe it now. It left Texas sunburned and hurting but now after some good Iowa rains it is thriving. I do not have a good place for it in Texas and it gets way too much direct sun. I think I might find a surrogate mother for it...Maybe Susan VanHoweling? She has a nice shaded patio. I took these photos tonight.

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